13.00 - 14.50

From the Soap Box

After a short welcome from the Chief, each speaker gets up to five minutes to make an introduction and say a few words on any subject dear to their heart. A special prize goes to the speaker who is the most succinct.

15.10 - 16.00

OS State of the Union

Speaker to be announced at the conference

During this session we will give you an update on the status of the newest and hottest Apple technologies with focus on the latest in OS X, OS X Server, iOS and iCloud.

16.10 - 17.00

Adventures in Wireless Planning and Design

Luis Giraldo - Ook Enterprises Ltd

With the rising need for wireless connectivity, this session will help dispel some of the confusion about planning and designing wireless networks. With Luis Giraldo's extensive experience designing network infrastructure (and wireless) as the guiding light, you will walk away with solid, applicable concepts that can help you plan and design better wireless environments that perform, scale, and provide a consistent user experience. Bonus: We will also discuss the wireless network at MacSysAdmin2012!

17.10 - 18.00

Using OS X Mountain Lion as a Server

Arek Dreyer - Dreyer Network Consultants

Sever your old ideas about Server. OS X Lion Server showed us a heavy push towards the Server app, and heavily deemphasized Server Admin and Workgroup Manager. There are some pretty exciting developments in the services you can offer in OS X Mountain Lion. Learn what things you need to learn, and learn what you need to forget. Luckily, those are just details; your mastery of core concepts will continue to serve you well.

19.00 - 23.00


Located in one of the former industrial areas in Göteborg, Pannrummet offers a genuine atmosphere and good food. The beer lover will enjoy a pint from their home brewed beer.

The agenda might be altered

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