Apoio AB

Gamla Riksvägen 51

428 32 Kållered


Phone:  +46 31 795 43 51

E-mail: info@macsysadmin.se

Address of training facilities:


Fjärde Långgatan 8C
413 28 Göteborg


Liljeholmsstranden 5, plan 6
114 43 Stockholm

Phone: +46 70 527 17 89

Tycho Sjögren

Apoio AB

Trainer and consultant on OS X, OS X Server and Unix.

Since the late eighties Tycho has introduced and maintained Mac based systems within the graphic industry and TV/video  producing companies. During that time he effectively has defeated arguments such as You can’t make good typography / produce color / edit video on a Mac.

Being an Apple Certified Trainer since 2003 Tycho gives training on OS X, OS X Server.

Since 2004 Tycho runs Apoio AB - the leading Apple Authorized Training Center in Sweden - and has a history as Technical Manager at S.O.S Datakraft, Research Engineer at Chalmers University of Technology, Service Engineer of Graphic Equipment, Lithographer and Solidarity worker in Africa.



Apoio AB is a training and consultancy company specialized in OS X. As an Apple Authorized Training Centre, we are certified to give Apple’s courses in OS X and OS X Server. In addition we develop and give training in UNIX and networking technologies. More info on courses offered can be found at www.appletraining.se.http://appletraining.seshapeimage_4_link_0