10.00 - 10.30


Welcome from the Chief.

10.30 - 12.00

OS State of the Union

Speaker to be announced at the conference

During this session we will give you an update on the status of the newest and hottest Apple technologies with focus on the latest in OS X, OS X Server, iOS and iCloud.

12.00 -13.00


13.00 - 13.55

The Future

Edward Marczak - Google

We'd all like to know the future. However, no one does. How much would knowing the future even help? Better than knowing the future, it's often more important to simply be better prepared for it. Even better: having a hand in inventing the future.

This talk will be part prognostication, part inspiration, and part how to stay relevant in a field that changes rapidly.

14.10 - 15.05

Mobile strategy and security in a changing world

Rick Wylie - Key Options

The world is changing and Mobile Computing is coming like a bullet train. With this changing world there are numerous challenges for both corporate provided devices, and those that are BYOD, Bring Your Own Device, or if you are in corporate, Bring Your Own Disaster!.

This session will look at successful strategies that that need to be considered to allow the successful deployment and security of mobile devices in the four key areas of Device security, data and content security, Voice security and location security.

The session will be based on a number of successful deployments in Corporate and Government. A number of solutions will be discussed and demonstrated that will allow attendees to gain insight to new and emerging technologies that will solve the mobility security problems of tomorrow. The session will also include live demonstrations of some unique technologies.


15.25 - 16.20

The Internet

Nurani Nimpuno - Netnod

You use it every day. Rely upon it for your business and social life. Take it for granted just like electricity and tap water. But how much do you really know about the Internet? Who owns it? Who runs it? Is it a democratic institution?

We asked Nurani Nimpuno, Head of Outreach & Communications at Netnod, to bring us clarity.

16.35 - 17.05

Apple – Managed by Microsoft

Anders Meinert and Sebastian Bredsdorff, Atea

Since October 2012 we have looked into how Microsoft intends to manage Apple devices with SCCM 2012. We will demonstrate how to successfully manage Macs in a Microsoft based infrastructure. We will walk you through a complete BYOD scenario including:
• User enrollment
• Application management
• Settings and compliance management
• Software self service portal

Exhibitor sessions

17.10 - 17.40

FileWave v6

John DeTroye, FileWave

Systems management is a complicated dance of tasks for IT. It includes, among others, asset tracking, imaging, client management, and software distribution. FileWave v6 can reduce that complexity and help keep you from stepping on your users toes. Spend some time with us going through the solution that will help keep your Android, iOS, OS X and Windows systems moving together as proper partners.

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00


Located in one of the former industrial areas in Göteborg, Pannrummet offers a genuine atmosphere and good food. The beer lover will enjoy a pint from their home brewed beer.