10.00 - 10.15


Welcome from the Chief.

10.15 - 10.45

Apple in the Enterprise

Chip Pearson, JAMF Software

Hear why — due to high demand from IT and Apple’s recent release of enterprise service offerings — there has never been a better time to embrace Apple in the enterprise.

10.45 - 12.00

OS State of the Union

Speaker to be announced at the conference

During this session we will give you an update on the status of the newest and hottest Apple technologies with focus on the latest in OS X, OS X Server, iOS and iCloud.

12.00 -13.00


13.00 - 13.55

Worst Practices

Charles Edge, Jamf Software and

Over the past 15 years I've worked in hundreds of environments. In that time I've seen some of the best, most cutting edge technologies available. I've been lucky and thoroughly impressed.

I've also seen some of the craziest, most asinine, nonsensical things you can possibly imagine over the course of my career. And in this session, I'm going to share these fables with you. You can learn from my mistakes (I mean the mistakes of my clients)!

14.10 - 15.05

Better safe than sorry – Security on OS X

Patrik Jerneheim, IT Evolution & Apoio

“you don’t need to be wearing a tinfoil hat to understand that your privacy might not be as private as you would think” — Oxford Dictionary

In the wake of what has happened recent years in regard to system intrusion and surveillance, it is maybe time to start taking security seriously even on the Mac platform and OS X. The growth of the OS X platform also have some negative side effects. As the platform grows so does interest from those out there who want nothing more than to access your information.

In a world where national security organisations are gathering your information, with sometimes not always law-abiding methods, it is time to take action if you want to protect your information. At the same time criminals are doing everything they can to find ways of monetising what ever access they have to your data.

During this session we will take a look at what Apple has to offer when it comes to security in OS X. We will learn how to configure a more secure computer environment and see what pitfalls to avoid. As a bonus, we will challenge the MacSysAdmin attendees to a contest, where the winner will be immensely rewarded.

15.25 - 16.20

Command Line Network Troubleshooting

Charles Edge, Jamf Software and

Figure out what's causing that weird traffic. Get to the bottom of that funky configuration. You ever read a network hacks cookbook?

Let's have a live edition. It will be like watching a movie: you might say "the book was better."

But at the end of the day, you'll walk away from this session having learned some new tips and tricks!

Exhibitor sessions

16.35 - 17.05

The Casper Suite In Your Organization

Sam Johnson, JAMF Software

More organizations are using Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV than ever before. 

At JAMF Software, connecting the Apple user experience with IT requirements has been our business for the last decade. 

Using the Casper Suite for endpoint management, IT can support an extraordinary Apple experience for the end user while meeting or exceeding organization goals and requirements.

Sam will speak about how to utilize the Casper Suite in your organization.

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00

Pool Night

Chalk It Up at Biljardpalatset, Ekelundsgatan 9-11.

Be prepared for a night with good food and drink in a nice atmosphere. And of course some pool - if that’s your game.