9.00 - 9.55

Citizens of the World: Macs in Windows Server Environments 

Luis Giraldo - Ook Enterprises Ltd

In this session, Luis will stand up a Windows 2012 R2 server, and configure it to provide Active Directory, DNS, RADIUS, VPN (L2TP over IPSec), AFP, and network home directories, all compatible with Mac OS X clients. Windows Server is a widely-accepted platform - as good citizens of the world, it is important for Mac admins to understand and leverage Windows Server technology to the best of our ability.

10.10 - 11.05

NetBoot Deconstructed 

Duncan McCracken - Mondada

An in-depth look at the NetBoot Service, how it works and what it does.

This session will break down the services used by NetBoot and the way the protocol sends the information to the client systems.

Using this its possible to configure the NetBoot Service on a non-Apple server platform, such as Linux or even Windows, both of which will be demonstrated.

Additionally, this session will look into the use of caching server as a substitute for the NetBoot server in certain scenarios.

11.20 - 12.15

Automation Magic in OS X 

Speaker to be announced at the conference

When it comes to automation and OS X, expect the unexpected. Year after year, and release after release, the automation story in OS X just gets better and better. Even the iWork applications have contributed mightily this year, with enhanced scripting support based on shared common script suites and objects. And new import commands and libraries in AppleScript join an updated ASObjC Explorer to ensure access the Cocoa APIs is seamless and easy. Join the presenter as he details the latest Automation revelations and intricacies. Good stuff!

12.15 -13.15



13.15 - 14.10

Understanding iOS Managed Open In

Arek Dreyer - Dreyer Network Consultants

On August 24, 2014, Apple added more countries to the Volume Purchase Program. Yesterday, you listened to Kevin White talk about how and why to enroll in VPP, and what you have to look forward to if DEP arrives in your country. In this session, Arek will take you on a deep dive of one feature of iOS 7 and later that is available only in conjunction with VPP - Managed Open In, which helps your users from inadvertently or accidentally leaking organizational information. You’ll see the interaction between unmanaged and managed accounts, unmanaged and managed apps, and unmanaged and managed documents.

14.25 - 15.20

MacSysAdmin - The Hacker Way

Ajay Chand and Mike Dodge, Facebook

There is always more than one way to solve a problem. Try the hacker way. We are able to scale with code, because we stopped scripting and started coding! See our version of IT BI 2.0, leveraging Splunk to focus on impact, and make data driven decisions. Efficiency is profitable! When you’re on-boarding hundreds of people a month every minute counts. See how you can configure a Mac from start to finish with just one click.

15.40 - 16.10

Enterprise Books and Managed Domains

Arek Dreyer - Dreyer Network Consultants and Kevin White, Macjutsu, Inc

Earlier this afternoon you learned about Managed Open In. Now that you’re up to speed with a big feature introduced with iOS7, it’s time for a deep dive of a couple enterprise features of iOS 8: Enterprise Apps and Managed Domains.

Normally, when you assign a book to a user, you cannot take that assignment back; it’s theirs forever. However, with iOS 8 you can assign an enterprise book filled with organizational information, and you can revoke it. We’ll also demonstrate managed domains, which helps prevent the accidental leakage of organizational information.

Exhibitor sessions

16.25 - 16.55

Manage OS X Devices with SCCM and the Parallels Mac Management Plug-In

Alexander J. Pantos, Parallels

Learn how to use Microsoft SCCM and the Parallels Management plugin to manage your sexy Apple OS X devices. Learn how to deploy your clients, deploy images with NetBoot, deploy software conduct Software audits and manage your OS X environment with Compliance Settings. A demo packed session with lot's of tips and tricks along the way.

17.00 - 17.30

Protecting Data on the Edge

Jörgen Olsson, Moreware and Mark Shaw, Code42

Business data is more and more been created, access and stored on the edge of the corporate network. In this session we will learn how Code42 can help enable your mobile workforce, without losing control and visibility of corporate data and putting your Organisation at risk. We will focus on one particular product in a Live demo, taking a look at an Enterprise ready, Secure File Sync and Share solution, SharePlan.

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00

Beer Bash

JAMF Software invites you to the Beer Bash of the year will take place at The Dubliner.

Nota bene!
Use the entrance at Östra Hamngatan 50 (next to Synoptik) and take the stairway to the second floor. Don't go through the bar.