10.00 - 10.30


Welcome from the Chief.

10.30 - 12.00

OS State of the Union

Mr Z

During this session we will give you an update on the status of the newest and hottest Apple technologies with focus on the latest in OS X, OS X Server, iOS and iCloud.

12.00 -13.00


13.00 - 13.55

From NeXT to Now:
Repeat your mistakes until they are history

John Soward, Kentucky Dataseam Initiative

Mac OS has been around for over 30 years, however OS X has little in common with its OS < 10 predecessors. Instead, OS X evolved primarily from NeXTSTEP, the OS of Jobs' "other" computer company. Never really commercially successful, NeXT Computer did develop some breakthrough hardware and software which was in turn used to develop further breakthrough technologies, e.g. the “Web". From it’s beginnings in 1986, until it acquired Apple in 1997, NeXT changed its focus and its product profile substantially. 

There certainly are lots of intriguing and often sordid stories from that era surrounding Jobs, NeXT, Pixar, etc., many of which are now making it into books and movies. We won’t be talking much about those though. 

Instead, we’ll look at their sometimes wildly changing product and tech focus — then try to read that mess of digital tea leaves and prognosticate about the future direction our beloved Apple might take. Or at least not be as surprised about the directions they may take.

We’ll also look at what was going on with other related companies and technologies from that era, to see how other, often more traditional and expected strategies, faired in comparison.

14.10 - 15.05

MacSysAdmin Tools Smörgåsbord

Tim Sutton - Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts

As a Mac sysadmin, I've found some tasks I knew I was going to need to automate with scripts or die of boredom. And sometimes, what begins as a curious "Wouldn't it be cool if.." coding experiment evolves into something that solves a real problem.

Over time, I've built up a small collection of tools related to OS X deployment and automation that I've released on GitHub in the hopes that others might also find them useful. In this session I'll tour some of these utilities, explain how they came to be and demonstrate their use.

15.25 - 16.20

To FileVault or not – that is the question

Alan Gordon, Progressive

So you need to protect your users data? Ensure that if a computer "falls" into wrong hands that the data on the machine will be difficult to read!

FileVault to the rescue! …. Apple's built-in option for encrypting the entire boot volume of a computer! 

But how to start? What requirements? How to deploy and enable FileVault for users in an organization?

In this session Gordon will cover how to successfully enable FileVault for all users, centrally managed – and give you a tool that you can use to accomplish the task without the need for buying additional software.

Exhibitor sessions

16.35 - 17.05

Multi-platform Management using FileWave and Engage

Christian Glattfelder, FileWave

A guided stroll through the essential capabilities of FileWave, illustrated with live demo bits and pieces - an update for those already familiar with the product, and a lookout on things to come.

17.05 - 17.35

Adobe dunk tank

Karl Gibson, Adobe Systems

2015 has been the year of Creative Cloud Enterprise at Adobe. We have released many enterprise specific features such as SSO, Managed Services, in transit and at rest encryption and soon cloud packaging. 

I would like to discuss what this means for IT and how it will make your life easier and at the same time more difficult. Twitter leads me to believe that there may be some hostility and while I cannot promise an actual dunk tank due to transportation and sourcing difficulties I will at least bring stress balls (throwing is optional).

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00

Pool Night

Chalk It Up at Biljardpalatset, Ekelundsgatan 9-11.

Be prepared for a night with good food and drink in a nice atmosphere. And of course some pool - if that’s your game.