9.00 - 9.55

Deploying Apple Technology in IT Centric Markets 

Mr Y

A brief discussion of trends, lessons learned, and specific technological tips for effectively leveraging Apple as a partner with your organization. Specific attention will be paid to cross platform, heterogeneous environments, vendor interoperability issues, and the management of change in a world determined to upgrade.

10.10 - 11.05

Practical Docker for Mac Sysadmins 

Pepijn Bruienne, University of Michigan

Docker has been rapidly growing in exposure and adoption in the IT world as it benefits both development and systems teams in their everyday operations. But apart from the larger picture of a more streamlined flow of web-based applications from development to production for large web applications it also opens new doors for Mac Sysadmins.

If you have been wanting to adopt some of the great Mac Admin-focused OSS tools out there, or if you already have adopted some but are looking to integrate more of it into your workflow this session is for you.

In it, we will look at the individual building blocks that are available via Docker images and learn how to combine and connect the pieces to create our own purpose-built Mac management toolbox.

11.20 - 12.15

Apple technologies at NRK 

Morten Davidsen, NRK

At MacSysAdmin 2008 we had a session called Apple technologies in broadcasting  – a case study from NRK. NRK was by then the largest Final Cut Pro licensee in northern Europe. Since then a lot has happened with Apple’s offerings in the broadcast space. Final Cut Pro 7 was replaced by Final Cut X. The Xserve, Final Cut Server and the grading software Color are all gone.

We invited Morten Davidsen, Head Engineer at NRK, to tell us what all those changes has meant to NRK and how their present Apple infrastructure is composed and managed.

12.15 -13.15



13.15 - 14.10

OS X Packaging

Duncan McCracken - Mondada

In the last year, Mondada has created literally thousands of packages.

Our packages are used with just about every deployment tool out there and as such we cater for their individual quirks.

This is an insight into the lessons learned from our experience: what we encounter; what we consider; and how we address these things.

We'll cover the varying workflows encountered when creating installer packages, the tools best suited to each workflow, the things you need to consider when creating your packages and some tips and tricks on how to address each key point.

14.25 - 15.20

Using OS X to Automate iOS Device Setup

Mr X

Common MDM strategies are often unworkable when targeting groups of shared iOS devices that need to be quickly refreshed and kept up to date with the correct settings, policies, apps, and data.  Fortunately, the automation tools in OS X deliver powerful solutions for connected iOS device management. Learn how to combine Automator actions with specialized AppleScript/JavaScript libraries to distill complex setup procedures into a simple process of selecting “device recipes” from a menu.

15.40 - 16.35

The 2015 State of Troubleshooting Apple Devices

Arek Dreyer - Dreyer Network Consultants

Sure you could just erase that iPad or MacBook Air and start over, but sometimes it just feels good to use your troubleshooting tools and skills to understand what’s going on and make it right before you erase.

This session covers old and new tools at your disposal to troubleshoot problems with OS X, iOS, maybe even Apple Watch, and the infrastructure that supports your users.

Examples will include some command line gems like defaults, tcpdump (including for iOS devices), fs_usage, strings, ping, profiles, and tail; built-in apps like Wireless Diagnostics, Mail’s Connection Doctor, Disk Utility (along with its hidden debug menu), and System Information; and third-party apps like Push Diagnostics, Services Test, and Charles Proxy.

Exhibitor sessions

16.50 - 17.20

JAMF Software – a deeper dive

Sam Johnson,  JAMF Software

As the only company focused exclusively on managing Apple technologies, JAMF Software have had the opportunity to help many organizations with their OS X and iOS management projects.

We’ll take a deeper dive in to our product range, and get under the hood, to demonstrate why we’re the ‘best-in-breed’ in Apple management.

17.25 - 17.55

Disaster readiness

Jörgen Olsson, Moreware

Hard facts: 12,000 laptops will be stolen this week, 3 out of 4 companies worldwide are failing at disaster readiness, malware strains have increased year-over-year by 77% and the average U.S. corporate breach cost $3.5 million in 2014. Endpoint data needs better protection than ever before. 

Also - data heists happen. If a former employee refused to return a laptop and then tried to blackmail you over the data it contained, could you quickly mitigate the threat? And more importantly, how would you recover the stolen data?

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00

Beer Bash

JAMF Software invites you to the Beer Bash of the year will take place at The Dubliner.

Nota bene!
Use the entrance at Östra Hamngatan 50 (next to Synoptik) and take the stairway to the second floor. Don't go through the bar.