Among the speakers you’ll find some of the brightest minds in the Mac community. Meet Charles Edge, Graham Gilbert, Marko Jung, Emily Kausalik, Jonathan Levin, Mindy Lieberman, Ed Marczak, Duncan McCracken, Greg Neagle, Joel Rennich, Tim Standing, Tim Sutton, Nickolas Tong, Rich Trouton, Kevin White and others.
Graham Gilbert

Systems Engineer, Airbnb

A serial releaser of open source Mac administration tools, Graham is the author of Sal, a multi-tenanted reporting tool for Munki, Crypt, a FileVault 2 key escrow solution and Imagr, an open source alternative to DeployStudio. In his day job, Graham is a Systems Engineer at Airbnb. He has a slight obsession with automating all of the things.

Marko Jung

Principal Consultant and System Architect, 

University of Oxford

Marko's first computer was a Sun SparcStation. He's been using Unix - the world's greatest text adventure - for the past 20 years and has attained a ninth-degree black belt in Unix ninja skills.

Marko believes an operating system is useless without a console and is allergic to colored icons. He studied Computer Science at Saarland University and worked at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science before he joined the University of Oxford.

Jonathan Levin

Consultant, Trainer and Author, Technologeeks

Jonathan is CTO of, and has been a trainer and consultant in the operating system space for more than 15 years.

He is the author of Mac OS X and iOS Internals (Wiley, 2012), which is slated for release in a 2nd, updated edition around the time of our conference! Jonathan has also written "Android Internals: A confectioner's cookbook" which was released back in October 2014.

Jonathan has taught classes and assisted developers and architects around the world in customizing Android and optimizing performance in mobile environments. His professional clients include Intel, EMC, VMware and others. He has also taught academically: two semesters of Mobile Architecture Internals for Harvard University.

Jonathan maintains a companion website for his Mac Internals book at, with free downloads of specialized tools, articles, and a forum.

Duncan McCracken

Consultant, Trainer, Engineer, Mondada

Duncan is the Technical Director of Mondada Pty Ltd, an organisation leading the way in creating installation packages for OS X deployment solutions.

With over 19 years working with Apple and associated products Duncan as a consultant and has worked with some of the leading integration companies at home in Australia and around the world. He is known for his willingness to adapt to new playing fields through embracing different technologies, and his knack for creating modular, re-usable solutions.

Duncan is an Apple Certified Trainer and has spoken at various Apple-centric conferences around the world, including MacSysAdmin and MacWorld.

Tim Standing

VP of Engineering, OWC

Tim Standing has been writing drivers and storage utilities for Mac OS since 1986.  He is the creator of SoftRAID for Mac OS X and is currently VP of Engineering at OWC Holdings, Inc., the company which develops and sells SoftRAID

Tim Sutton

Systems Consultant, Concordia University, Faculty of Fine Arts

Tim manages the Mac client infrastructure at Concordia University's Faculty of Fine Arts, maintaining the environment for Mac deployment and configuration, and supporting the creative work of students, faculty and staff.

Although he cut his teeth at the command line, while growing up he enjoyed using computers for music, graphics and film, and went to school to study electroacoustic music. Along the way he developed a love for the Mac and Unix, and now works on various open-source automation tools (such as AutoPkg, mcxToProfile, aamporter) that aim to free Mac admins from the shackles of manual, repetitive tasks.

He blogs regularly at, is a proud member of the Mac admin community, and is thrilled to be speaking again at MacSysAdmin..

Nickolas Tong

Architect, Globalization IT, Cisco Systems

Nick is responsible for IT architecture and strategy supporting a Macintosh platform of 40,000 systems across 90 countries, providing technical leadership across a portfolio of M&A, application development, quality assurance, device management, and information security programs.

Prior to Cisco, Nick managed production infrastructure at Apple, Mattel and Emory University in addition to consulting at Fortune 500 companies through roles at Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro Technologies.

Kevin White

Trainer, author and consultant, Macjutsu, Inc.

Kevin M. White has dedicated most of his life to mastering Apple technologies so he can share them with the world.

He has been an Apple Authorized Trainer since 2000, providing guidance to audiences that range from small corporate and education groups to sold-out crowds at Macworld Expo. In 2005 he co-authored his first book, Mac OS X Server 10.3: Visual QuickPro Guide. This has been followed by several authoritative sources for Apple Authorized Training including all versions of Apple Pro Training Series: OS X Support Essentials from v10.5 through the latest version for OS X Yosemite. He has also recently co-authored an entirely new guide, Managing Apple Devices: Deploying and Maintaining iOS and OS X Devices. When not authoring, Kevin provides professional services through his company, Macjutsu, Inc., which specializes in consulting and integration services of Apple and Jamf Software technologies.

Charles Edge

Director, Professional Services, Author & Engineer, JAMF Software and

Charles started with Apple's server and deployment offerings in 1999, after years working with various flavors of Unix. After almost 15 years as the Chief Technology Officer of 318, Charles recently left to become Director of Professional Services and a Product Manager at JAMF Software, managing

Charles has spoken at a variety of other conferences including DefCon, BlackHat, LinuxWorld, MacWorld and Apple's WorldWide Developers Conference. Charles has a number of books available, including Enterprise Mac Administrator's Guide, Enterprise Mac: Mac OS X Snow Leopard Security, Enterprise iPhone Administrator's Guide, Using Mac OS X Lion Server from O’Reilly and Take Control of OS X Server. 

Charles also runs, a site dedicated to the plight of the network engineer.

Charles can be contacted via email at

Emily Kausalik

Ph.D. IT Support Engineer, RetailMeNot, Inc.

Before stumbling into Apple IT, Emily went to grad school in music theory, managing to complete her Ph.D. while corralling Macs for tech companies in Austin, TX. Now she combines her nerd-like obsession with Apple products with her background in instruction to create rewarding, empowering, and fun experiences with technology in the workplace.

Mindy Lieberman

VP of IT, Zendesk

Mindy leads IT at Zendesk, and specializes in cloud architectures, business system development, best-in-class service desks, and IT compliance programs.   Prior to joining Zendesk, Mindy headed the IT Applications group at Salesforce, building out technology solutions to support internal business units. Mindy has also served as VP of Engineering and Operations at Edgenuity, a SaaS start-up providing analytics for K-12 education, and had spent over 9 years in various engineering and management roles in Cisco. Mindy is a champion for delivering quality using Agile development methodologies and a believer in Simple IT.  She holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from U.C. Berkeley, and a bachelor’s from The Cooper Union.  She can be reached via @mindy_lieberman on Twitter.

Edward Marczak

Global Mac Operations Character, Google

Edward Marczak is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and the co-founder of MacTech Conference.
He writes a monthly column for, and is the Executive Editor of MacTech Magazine.
His days are currently spent on the Mac team at Google. Past the technology, Ed is a husband and father and enjoys traveling and playing music.

Greg Neagle

Senior Systems Engineer, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Greg is the engineer primarily responsible for deploying and managing OS X machines at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a studio with a long history of family entertainment reaching back to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and forward to our latest films, "Big Hero 6", "Zootopia" and the upcoming “Moana”.

Several Mac management tools developed by Greg have been released as open source by Disney Animation. Among those are Munki, a software deployment framework, Reposado, a platform-agnostic replacement for Apple's Software Update service, and the "createOSXinstallerPkg" tool set. Greg is also a contributor to the popular AutoPkg tool.

Greg has presented on various aspects of OS X management at Macworld, Apple's WWDC, the MacTech Conference and Penn State MacAdmins, and is pleased to return to MacSysAdmin for a sixth year.

Joel Rennich

General Manager Enterprise Services, Trusource Labs

Joel is the General Manager for Trusource Labs Enterprise Services in Austin, Texas providing Apple device management and help desk to customers around the globe. Previously he was an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager at Apple doing all kinds of fun things with lots of cool people and solving crazy problems to allow for integrating Macs and iOS devices into enterprise environments.

Prior to Apple Joel was frequently seen speaking at Macworld, WWDC and other conferences and gatherings of Apple-minded admins. Joel has traveled the world helping customers adopt OS X and in 2002 he setup and had a lot of fun with that too.

Joel is a classically trained journalist and plied his trade as a paparazzi chasing Monica Lewinsky before rising to become the Director of Photography for United Press International in Washington DC. If you’re lucky he’ll even tell you some of his Monica stories, as the stories are better than the photos.

Rich Trouton

Lead Help Desk Technician, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Rich Trouton has been doing Macintosh system and server administration for over eighteen years and has supported Macs in a number of different environments, including university, government, medical research and advertising. His current position is providing support for Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn, Virginia.

Ms Z, Mr Y and Mr π

The identity of these ladies and gentlemen will be revealed at the conference. Some of them are returning speakers, the other is new. One qualification they all have in common is their deep knowledge of their subjects.



Speakers for exhibitor sessions
Timofey Furyaev

Project Manager, Parallels

Started in 1993 as a software engineer, turned to project management later on, Timofey is the project manager in Parallels, driving the development of Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM from the ground up.

Alexander J. Pantos

Marketing Manager Consumer & SMB EMEA, Parallels

Alex is working with Parallels since April 1st, 2011 and has a pro-found knowledge with over 10 years in the consumer and SMB IT space in Europe specifically in the Mac channel.

He worked for brands like Apple as a product Manager Hardware in central Europe as well as a Business Development Manager for VMware prior to having the chance of working for Parallels.

Sascha Uhl

Lead Sales Engineer, Code42

Sascha is Lead Sales Engineer at Code42 Europe.  Best known for CrashPlan, an enterprise SaaS solution that backs up all distributed end-user data on a single, secure platform. Sascha combines a comprehensive knowledge of the technical background and the business demands of the rapidly growing security market. Before he joined Code42 in September 2015, he worked 10 years at Parallels and is deeply involved in the Apple eco system.

Margreet Fortuné

LANrev Sales Manager EMEA & APAC, HEAT Software

Born in the Netherlands, Margreet moved to France more than 20 years ago. At HEAT Software, she is in charge of the LANrev business in EMEA and APAC. 

When LANrev was acquired from Absolute in October 2015, Margreet joined HEAT Software together with a team of 40 people including the LANrev founders Peter Frankl and Martin Bestmann as well as the LANrev development team.  

Prior to HEAT and Absolute,  Margreet joined Farallon in 1996 to take care of the growing European software business at Farallon (Timbuktu Pro) who became Netopia about a year later. In 1998, Netopia acquired a Mac only systems management tool which was baptized netOctopus, which quickly became a multiplatform tool. Margreet stayed at Netopia until it was acquired by Motorola and then founded her own business in 2008 focusing on Green IT as well as endpoint management and security. In 2011, she joined Absolute, where she hold both sales and technical roles until LANrev was acquired by HEAT Software last year.

Douglas Worley

Senior Professional Services Engineer,  JAMF Software

Douglas cut his teeth in IT as a consultant and Apple Certified Trainer in San Francisco, 2006. Prior to that he studied archaeology and history, an interest which these days only manifests when choosing travel destinations. 

Today Douglas is a Senior Professional Services Engineer with JAMF Software, where he provides onsite services at customer locations all across the globe. He has been lucky enough to work with some of the largest deployments using the Casper Suite.

Karl Gibson

Product Manager | Creative Cloud Enterprise,  Adobe Systems

Karl is a product manager on the Creative Cloud Enterprise team with specific responsibilities for the IT Packaging and deployment tools which include Creative Cloud Packager & AAMEE. Karl represents the voice of the IT admin inside Adobe. He is always honest and upfront about the current state of play and where things are going. Karl has presented at many conferences including JNUC, MacTech and MacIT. Karl is a former IT admin and one of the first Apple Certified Trainers in Ireland.

Christian Glattfelder

Senior Systems Engineer, FileWave

Chris works as a Senior System Engineer for FileWave Europe in Wil, Switzerland , where he is responsible for Customer Support, internal Infrastructure and Trainings. Before joining FileWave 5 years ago as a Systems Engineer , he worked as an Administrator for several SMEs and Schools in Switzerland.

Thomas Madsen

CTO and founding partner of Modo Secure

Thomas has many years of experience in the IT  business and has focused his career on business development with a strong entrepreneurial and technical spirit.

He is the founder and partner of Modo Secure a Scandinavian based IT company and is a LANrev partner since 2010. Thomas has many successful LANrev implementations under his belt. These implementations range from Corporate to Educational IT environments and encompass all types of devices (MacOS, Windows, Mobile Devices) and user scenarios.