9.00 - 9.55

Frictionless IT: Building a Best-in-Class helpdesk 

Mindy Lieberman, Zendesk

IT is not just about what you do, it's about how your customers *feel* about what you do.   Expectations for great service are higher than ever, and your helpdesk doesn’t just handle tickets, they are your IT Ambassadors.   Please join Zendesk IT as we share our strategy on people, process and technology for reinventing the IT Global Service Desk.

10.10 - 11.05

0 to Imagr-ing in 45 minutes 

Graham Gilbert, Airbnb

Many organisations can't or won't deploy OS X Server. Some organisations don't like relying on closed source software. Imagr is an open source tool that allows you to deploy your Macs without relying on OS X Server that has a rapidly growing ecosystem around it. 

During this session we will take a look at Imagr's capabilities and then build everything we need for Imagr to run, from the server end all the way to configuring some workflows and deploying a client.

11.20 - 12.15

Scripting Opportunities for System Administrators 

Greg Neagle, Walt Disney Animation Studios

Mac systems administrators often decide they need to write (and run!) a script to solve some problem. But once the script is written and debugged, the admin must figure out a way to get his or her script to run at the right time, under the right conditions, and in the right security context. In this session we'll look at some of the built-in OS X mechanisms for running your script. We'll note the various capabilities and features of each mechanism, and present some common problems and solutions. Of course we'll spend a bunch of time talking about launchd, but we'll look at login/logouthooks, loginitems, and more.

12.15 -13.15



13.15 - 14.10

Certificates... how do they work?

Marko Jung, University of Oxford

We will have a look at certificate based workflows and basic concepts of the cryptography behind it. The goal isn't to make you an expert in the complex domain of certificate-based signatures, encryption, and authentication, but to explore areas this could be useful. 

14.25 - 15.20

iOS Security

Ms Z

iOS platform has been designed with security at its core. The platform provides a high level of security while at the same time maintaining superb user experience.

In this session we will take a look at the core areas of iOS security, how the user data is protected as well as discuss keychain features and keychain synchronization, and how the keychain can be utilized across platforms. Lastly, we will briefly discuss how system administrators can manage iOS devices in their organizations from the security point of view.

15.40 - 16.35

Going from Physical to Virtual:

Creating, hosting and managing OS X VMs with VMware Fusion and ESXi

Rich Trouton, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Historically, virtualization on Macs meant that you could now run Windows apps on your Mac, but virtualization technology can be leveraged to provide so much more. VMware's support for OS X VMs on VMware Fusion and ESXi means that virtual Macs can be set up on Apple hardware in your organization's VMware environment.

This session will cover how to leverage VMware Fusion, NetBoot and other tools to rapidly build OS X virtual machines to desired specifications. We will also discuss how to set up VMware's ESXi hypervisor using VMware's free license for ESXi, use ESXi to host OS X VMs, and leverage VMware Fusion Professional's ESXi management tools to manage both ESXi and the hosted OS X VMs.

Exhibitor sessions

16.50 - 17.20

Deploying the Casper Suite at Scale

Douglas Worley,  JAMF Software

Taking a step beyond the basics, we will take a quick journey through the differences between a basic Casper Suite deployment that you might see on a common JumpStart and look at how things differ when deploying for many many thousands of devices. We will touch on server architecture, inventory organization and policy logic.

17.25 - 17.55

Automated Personalized Client Deployment

Sascha Uhl, Code42

Client Deployment should not stop with Apps and Settings.

Most of the current companies’ deployment process covers applications and some basic settings, but none of the personal stuff a user had before. In the session we will show you how to improve your existing workflow to meet expectations of your service oriented users.

Evening Activity

19.00 - 23.00

Beer Bash

JAMF Software invites you to the traditional Beer Bash that will take place at The Dubliner.

And who knows if the band will reappear?

Nota bene!
Use the entrance at Östra Hamngatan 50 (next to Synoptik) and take the stairway to the second floor. Don't go through the bar.