9.00 - 9.55

Scripting Bash

Armin Briegel,

From using single shell commands to complex scripted workflows: scripting is an essential skill for any administrator.

The main scripting environment for Macs is the bash shell. However, bash is very complex and intimidating, with many pitfalls and shortcuts that can blindside the beginner and even an experienced admin.

This session will explore bash scripting on macOS, from simple one-liners to more complex workflows, we will look at useful bash scripting practices and strategies, address common errors and how to avoid them, and highlight some useful tools.

The session will also be illustrated with several examples and links.

10.10 - 11.05


Duncan McCracken, Mondada

As you become more experienced in systems administration, its easy to forget where you come from. You tend to take for granted techniques and tools which you use every day, without realising that others may not be aware of their benefits.

This session is a rapid-fire dive into the top 50 tips (in one man's opinion) which are used so often that they're second nature.

We will cover techniques, approaches, terminal commands, scripting among others.

As there's a lot to absorb, it may be required to play the session video back in slow motion ;)

11.20 - 12.15

How to maintain a moving target: a short story

Arnór Kristjánsson, Atea

When asked by a customer whether I could set up a solution that would FileVault a fleet of Macs, I said "sure" and thought "I'll use a .mobileconfig". But when the time came to implement it I got told the users weren't supposed to be admins. And that a local admin should be able to unlock the disk. A script was born, that utilized fdesetup.

Then QA discovered the script was using a deprecated feature of OS X, which forced me to rewrite it again. And then another customer showed interest but they wouldn't accept a solution where passwords were stored in cleartext.

A dramatic story about conflicting demands and long nights…with a happy ending..

12.15 -13.15


13.15 - 14.10

Introducing Munki 3

Greg Neagle, Walt Disney Animation Studios

True to his promise (or threat) at MacSysAdmin 2016, Greg will present what's new with Munki, an open-source tool for managing software installation on macOS. Much has changed with both macOS and Munki since MacSysAdmin 2014, when Greg introduced Munki 2. This year, he'll talk about the new features added since then, up to and including the all-new Munki 3, with Notification Center support, support for FileVault authorized restarts, new "cloud repo" integration, and more.

14.25 - 15.20

Demystifying MDM: open source endeavours to manage Macs

Jesse Peterson, MacTechs

Want to know how MDM works under the hood? Curious whether you should use a vendor's MDM product or deploying a custom solution is right for your organization? Want to enroll some devices into an Open Source MDM? Not sure how MDM (with DEP) can be useful in managing Macs amongst a plethora of other Mac management tools? Want to roll your own MDM? Worried about the future of Mac management? Then this talk is for you.

15.40 - 16.35

Apple's Unified Logging for Sysadmins

Tim Sutton, Sauce Labs

Working with logs is an essential skill for any sysadmin. To diagnose issues with the OS, its frameworks, and third-party applications, we need to know where to look for and how to filter logs. Adding consistent logging to our own management tools and scripts is also a huge time-saver when debugging issues.

In 2016, Apple shipped a complete overhaul to the (now "unified") logging subsystem in all its OS platforms. Many Mac sysadmins - including this session’s presenter - were somewhat confused about the behavior of the new Console application on macOS Sierra, how syslog and existing logging tools would work, and what is (and isn’t) written to log files as we knew them.

In this session we’ll shed some light on what’s changed, how to wrangle logs at the command line, and look at our options for logging reliably in our own scripts and applications. Maybe we’ll even figure out how to tame

Exhibitor sessions

16.50 - 17.20

Experience Microsoft SCCM the smart way: Manage Mac & PC – via a single Console

Timofey Furyaev, Parallels

Macs are spreading in Enterprise. Learn how to reduce security risks and ensure compliance – the smart way.

Leverage Microsoft SCCM which has  more than 70% marketshare in Europe - and it does speak Mac thanks to Parallels Mac Management v6.

Experience how Macs can be managed via a single Console - Mac like of course.

Imagine the possibilities of Mac and PC being managed together – standardized around one management platform – securely, compliant and efficient without compromise.

Time for a change of old behavior patterns - start today and visit our session.

17.25 - 17.55

Secure or Productive? That is the question!

Sven Huschke, Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH

Driven by their undeniable business features, MacOS and iOS devices are common tools in our corporate world. The IT administrator is facing the task of controlling these devices centrally and with minimal effort while fulfilling the user’s desire to be productive and work cooperatively.

This session will give you an overview of our centralized management capabilities that make your live as an administrator easier while features like mobile printing and virtual data rooms will offer your users new and easy-to-use tools for their daily workload.

Talk to our mobility specialists on site and learn how Cortado Server is the missing link to integrate MacOS and iOS devices into your corporate strategy.

Evening Activity

19.30 - 22.30

Game Night

Liseberg, the biggest amusement park in Scandinavia opens up their Game Hall just for us. Challenge old and new friends to a game or hang around chatting with them in the nice surroundings with a sandwich and a drink. Thanks to Parallels for sponsoring this night!