In October 2020 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Online

MacSysAdmin Online

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith… Steve Jobs
This is the fifteenth anniversary of the MacSysAdmin Conference and we are proud to once again deliver an interesting and educational, yet slightly different, event.

The MacSysAdmin Conference is the event for macOS and iOS administrators to gain new knowledge and impressions. The hallmark of the MacSysAdmin Conference has always been our great speakers. They are the world leading experts on all things Apple and related technologies. Under normal circumstances you would also meet with our eminent speakers and exchange experiences with your peers.
This year will be different.

We will still provide you with great content, but in a different context. Everything will be published online directly instead of being presented live. The sessions will be a mix of great material from past events and newly recorded videos. Be sure to frequently visit our web site for news and updates.

This year we hope you will join us for a different, but equally inspiring event when we make the MacSysAdmin 2020 Conference available online.

All sessions are held in English.


We have decided that this year's participation at the MacSysAdmin Online Conference will be free of charge. That said, you may still support us, in our knowledge sharing endeavour, by buying the MacSysAdmin Online 2020 T-shirt.

You will find the MacSysAdmin Online 2020 T-shirt in our brand new MSA Store, come on in and have a look.

If you are looking for documentation from previous conferences, click here!