In October 2020 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Online

MacSysAdmin Online

We are proud to keep the MacSysAdmin Conference independent from any kind of hampering sponsorship or advertising. We love to give our speakers total freedom to say anything they like, good or bad, about any technology, product or company.
We do, however, welcome sponsorship from vendors that we recognise as "value adders" to the Apple community. We are very happy to present this year's sponsors of the MacSysAdmin Online Conference whom have all helped in making this event possible.

Apart from our regular sponsors we have a few really valuable friends without whom we would not be able to do what we do…

Jamf’s mission is to help organizations succeed with Apple.

We help organizations, including businesses, hospitals, schools and government agencies, connect, manage and protect Apple products, apps and corporate resources in the cloud without ever having to touch the devices. With Jamf’s software, Apple devices can be deployed to employees brand new in the shrink-wrapped box, set up automatically and personalized at first power-on and administered continuously throughout the life of the device.