In October 5-8 2021 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Online

In October 5-8 2021

MacSysAdmin Online

MacSysAdmin AB is a fully owned subsidiary of Apoio Utbildning AB, a consulting and training company specialising in macOS and iOS. Apoio Utbildning AB is certified to deliver Apple training as well as official courses for Jamf Pro. Together with Apoio System AB, we focus on helping organisations with Apple device management.

More info can be found at
MacSysAdmin AB
Box 11253
100 61 Stockholm

Phone: +46 707 81 62 11
Apoio Utbildning AB
Repslagargatan 16
118 46 Stockholm

Phone: +46 705 27 17 89


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Eulogy for a lost friend

Tycho Sjögren

On January 22 2019 the original founder and organiser of the MacSysAdmin Conference passed away due to the cancer he had been fighting for some years. His passing was not only a huge loss to his family and all of us who called him a friend, but also to the Mac Admin community as a whole.

Tycho was a big part of the Mac community in Sweden from the mid eighties and organising the MacSysAdmin Conference in Göteborg made him a well-known name, far beyond Swedish borders.

His passion for sharing his knowledge and devotion to always be a great host made attending the event an extraordinary experience.

His great attention to details and the ability to create a welcoming atmosphere for both speakers and attendees alike also helped making MacSysAdmin the success it has become today.

Tycho's wish was, of course, that the MacSysAdmin Conference should continue in the same way for many more years to come. And even if he now will not be attending in person I know that his memory will be part of everyone that has had the pleasure of meeting him at MacSysAdmin or elsewhere.