In October 5-8 2021 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Online

In October 5-8 2021

MacSysAdmin Online

The MacSysAdmin Conference is extremely proud to be able to present well renowned speakers from all over the world. Among our guests you will always find some of the brightest minds in the Apple community.
This year we aim to provide you with some familiar faces together with a range of new appearances, and rest assured that everyone will be on top of their game.

Allen Golbig (US)
Mac Systems Engineer - NASA GRC

Allen has worked as a Mac admin in healthcare, education and now in the US federal space at NASA Glenn Research Center.

Armin Briegel (NL)
Consultant -

Armin Briegel has been managing Macs and their users for over twenty-five years and probably held most existing technical job titles at one time or another. He worked for nearly ten years at Apple in Germany and the US as a Systems Engineer, Consulting Engineer, and Solutions Architect. Then, he put theory into practice as a System Administrator at University of California. He currently works at the Apple Authorized Enterprise Reseller Pro Warehouse in the Netherlands. He writes on his weblog, and has published three books for Apple Administrators


Dan Brodjieski (US)
Sr. Macintosh Engineer - DISA JSP

Dan has worked in supporting and securing Macs for DISA (The Defense Information Systems Agency) in their Joint Service Provider group which is part of the Department of Defense in the US Government for almost 10 years in their Macintosh Center of Excellence.

Diana Birsan (CA)
Product Manager - Shopify

Diana was at the time of this session a System Specialist at Bell Media and had been so for three years, dealing with deploying and managing Mac OS X machines for departments such as Post Sound, Creative Agency and Radio. She also spearheads any Post Sound suite Avid hardware and software setups and is the go-to person when things break. With the use of the JAMF’s Casper suite, Diana has been immersed in scripting and packaging the latest apps and configurations for the specific needs of the end users. Outside of work, Diana is an avid gamer on most (if not all) consoles, so be ready to trade gamertags.

Ed Marzcak (US)
Senior Security Engineer - Duo Security

Ed Marczak has spent much of his life thinking about people, processes, and technology. His experience spans several companies and roles, including developer, sysadmin, manager, and project manager. An early advocate of Apple products, Ed has written two books focusing on Mac management, co-founded MacTech Conference, and is a familiar face at Apple-related events all over the world. Ed spends his non-compute cycles with his family, and improving his music and photography skills.

Greg Neagle (US)
Sr. Systems Engineer - Walt Disney Animation Studios

Greg is the engineer primarily responsible for deploying and managing macOS machines at Walt Disney Animation Studios, a studio with a long history of family entertainment reaching back to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" and forward to our latest films, "Frozen 2" and “Raya and the Last Dragon”. Several Mac management tools developed by Greg have been released as open source by Disney Animation. Among those are Munki, a software deployment framework, and Reposado, a platform-agnostic replacement for Apple's Software Update service. Greg is also a maintainer of the popular AutoPkg tool. Greg has presented on various aspects of macOS management at conferences in Europe and North America. He wishes he could return to Gothenburg for a tenth year, but will make do online.

Joel Rennich (US)
Chief Instigator - Jamf

Joel is the Chief Instigator for Orchard and Grove in Austin, Texas providing bespoke macOS software products like NoMAD, DEPNotify and others. Previously he was an Enterprise Systems Engineering Manager at Apple doing all kinds of fun things with lots of cool people and solving crazy problems to allow for integrating Macs and iOS devices into enterprise environments. Recently Joel has been greatly enjoying himself working on projects to help people get into a casual binding environment and removing the need for a directory service on their Macs. NoMAD is an open source project that will give you all of the functionality of AD without the bind. Prior to Apple Joel was frequently seen speaking at Macworld, WWDC and other conferences and gatherings of Apple-minded admins. Joel has traveled the world helping customers adopt OS X and in 2002 he setup and had a lot of fun with that too. Joel is a classically trained journalist and plied his trade as a paparazzi chasing Monica Lewinsky before rising to become the Director of Photography for United Press International in Washington DC. If you’re lucky he’ll even tell you some of his Monica stories, as the stories are better than the photos…

Kevin M. White (US)

Kevin M. White has dedicated his career to mastering Apple technologies so he can share them with the world. Through his company, Macjutsu, Kevin provides professional consulting for Apple’s education and enterprise customers. Macjutsu is also part of the Jamf Integrator program; providing professional services specific to the Jamf Pro management platform. He has presented at many conferences including; Macworld/iWorld, MacIT, MacSysAdmin, and the Jamf Nation User Conference.

Mathijs de Ruiter (NL)
End User Computing Specialist - Fondo

Mathijs works as an End User Computing Specialist at Fondo in the Netherlands, where he helps customers with their digital workplace journey. His focus is primarily on API and Identity & Access Management, and he has a passion for Apple products and technologies. What he loves most is to explore new technologies, grab them and don't let go until he knows about all the ins and outs.

Patrick Wardle (US)
Principal Security Researcher - Jamf

Patrick Wardle is a Principal Security Researcher at Jamf and founder of Objective-See. Having worked at NASA and the NSA, as well as presented at countless security conferences, he is intimately familiar with aliens, spies, and talking nerdy. Patrick is passionate about all things related to macOS security and thus spends his days finding Apple 0days, analyzing macOS malware and writing free open-source security tools to protect Mac users.

Patrik Jerneheim (SE)
Crew - MacSysAdmin Conference

With a background working as a music teacher and after several years the publishing business, going all macOS was a no brainer. Patrik has spent the latter part of his career as trainer and consultant focusing on Apple management with Jamf. Together with Tycho Sjögren, the original founder of the MacSysAdmin Conference, he has spread the Apple gospel in the northern part of the world.

Rick Wylie (AU)
Founder and CEO - Key Options

Rick Wylie, founder and CEO, Key Options. A certified Apple trainer and engineer for over two decades, Rick started working with Apple as a consultant in 1988 and has a wealth of technology and integration experience at all levels. Rick has been a speaker at Mac inspired Conferences since 2004, including MacWorld, MacSysAdmin, MacIT and numerous Apple engineering conferences. Rick’s company Key Options provides unique technology consulting and solutions focusing on mobility security and strategy. Key Options consulting and integration in the iOS space includes large corporates and government organizations. Key Options also has developed applications that are on the Apple AppStore.

Tim Standing (US)
VP of Engineering - Other World Computing

Tim Standing has been writing drivers and storage utilities for Mac OS since 1986. He is the creator of SoftRAID for Mac OS X and is currently VP of Software Development at Other World Computing, Inc. In the past year, Tim has added APFS support to SoftRAID as well as two additional RAID levels: RAID 6 and 6+. He has also patented a write acceleration technique which enables the write speed RAID volumes to be as fast as the read speed. Tim's team is responsible for SoftRAID, OWC Dock Ejector and all the Mac drivers and utilities which make OWC products so exceptional.

Andrew Robinson (US)
Sr. Facilitator & Assoc. Partner - Hofstede Insights JP

In the thirty years Andrew has been in Japan, he’s worked for large corporations, academic organizations, non-profits, startups — always in multicultural and multilingual environments. At one time he was even one of the first Apple Solutions Experts members based outside the US. As an Apple and Google platforms specialist and a senior facilitator with Hofstede Insights, he’s enjoyed helping companies move forward with their technology, and is fascinated by the interactions of culture and the tools we use in our daily lives.
The world is now more diverse, more intercultural and more technical, and also more in need of understanding in those areas than ever before. An attendee of MacSysAdmin for years, he’s incredibly excited to present for the first time officially, having given versions of this year’s presentation many times to smaller groups of MacSysAdmin attendees over dinners and drinks during this amazing conference in the past.

Andrina Kelly (CA)
Product Data Analytics & User Engagement Lead - Jamf

Andrina has been working at Jamf in Minneapolis, MN since July 2015 where she leads the Product Data Analytics & User Engagement team. Andrina’s love for all things data was born from previously leading the Jamf UX team and the Global Field Services team who are responsible for training and onboarding Jamf customers. Andrina comes from a long background in IT Administration and consulting, and has previously presented at conferences worldwide. Prior to moving to Minneapolis in 2015, Andrina lived in both Canada and the UK. She spends her time away from work traveling the world, riding bicycles, enjoying good food and wine with friends and curating the instagram feed of her Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Mackenzie.

Charles C. Edge (US)

Director, Professional Services, Author & Engineer - JAMF and

Charles Edge is the Director of the Marketplace at Jamf, where he began his stint by bringing us Jamf Now. He holds 30 years of experience as a developer, administrator, network architect, product manager, and CTO. He is an author of 20 books, more than 6,000 blog posts on technology, and has served as an editor and author for many publications. Charles also serves on the board of directors for a number of companies and non-profits, and frequently speaks at industry conferences around the world, including DefCon, BlackHat, LinuxWorld, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, and a number of Apple-focused conferences. Charles is also the author of and a cofounder/host of the MacAdmins Podcast. This is his tenth year speaking at MacSysAdmin. We think…

Dave Hornby (UK)
Business Development Engineer - Jamf

Dave is a Business Development Engineer for Jamf in the EMEIA region, specialising in Security, and spends his times speaking to partners, current and potential customers about the need for endpoint security on the Mac. Dave has been speaking to organisations of all shapes and sizes on the deployment and implementation of Apple technology for over 10 years. One of the big points of discussion when speaking with organisations, is how to maintain a certain security posture across all company endpoints. What’s the right approach? Do I need to protect my Macs in a different way to Windows? Dave enjoys dispelling the myths around the macOS platform that relates to “Macs can’t get viruses” and the likes. This is his first time presenting at MacSysAdmin and is disappointed he can’t meet people in person to discuss macOS security in more detail!

Duncan McCracken (AU)
Developer / SysAdmin / Consultant - Mondada Pvt Ltd

Duncan is the Technical Director of Mondada Pty Ltd, an organisation leading the way in creating installation packages for macOS deployment solutions. With over 20 years working with Apple and associated products Duncan as a consultant and has worked with some of the leading integration companies at home in Australia and around the world. He is known for his willingness to adapt to new playing fields through embracing different technologies, and his knack for creating modular, re-usable solutions. Duncan has spoken at various Apple-centric conferences around the world, this is his 10th year presenting at MacSysAdmin.

Emily Kausalik-Whittle (US)
Mac Platform Engineer & Music Theorist

Before stumbling into Apple IT, Emily went to grad school in music theory, managing to complete her Ph.D. while corralling Macs for tech companies in Austin, TX. Now she combines her nerd-like obsession with Apple products with her background in instruction to create rewarding, empowering, and fun experiences with technology in the workplace.

Kelli Conlin (US)
Security Solutions Specialist - Jamf

Security Solutions Specialist at Jamf focused on Jamf Protect and helping organizations be secure with Apple. Prior to joining Jamf, Kelli was an Intelligence Analyst in the US Air Force and a systems administrator for classified systems. While at Jamf, Kelli started as a sales engineer helping commercial companies and schools in the southeast of the US manage their Apple devices. Kelli has been building integrations for Jamf Pro and Jamf Protect to allow IT and Security teams a new customized remediation experience for their Macs. Kelli lives in Tampa, FL with her husband, son, two cats, and miserable husky.

Jonathan Levin (US)
Consultant, Trainer and Author - Technologeeks

Jonathan is CTO of, and has been a trainer and consultant in the operating system space for more than 15 years.

He is the author of Mac OS X and iOS Internals (Wiley, 2012), which is slated for release in a 2nd, updated edition around the time of our conference! Jonathan has also written "Android Internals: A confectioner's cookbook" which was released back in October 2014.

Jonathan has taught classes and assisted developers and architects around the world in customizing Android and optimizing performance in mobile environments. His professional clients include Intel, EMC, VMware and others. He has also taught academically: two semesters of Mobile Architecture Internals for Harvard University.

Jonathan maintains a companion website for his Mac Internals book at, with free downloads of specialized tools, articles, and a forum.

Kim Burton (US)
Security Education Lead - Duo Security

Kim Burton is the Security Education Lead at Duo Security, where she has worked for over 2 years. She is dedicated to improving educational opportunities for all those interested in information security and in growing the skills of those already in the field. On weekends, you can find her weaving chainmail, cooking, or playing with cats.

Matt Woodruff (US)
Worldwide Security Solutions Lead - Jamf

Matt Woodruff is the Worldwide Security Solutions Lead at Jamf focused on Jamf Protect. Prior to leading the team on global business development efforts for Jamf Protect, Matt was the Jamf Senior Sales Engineer dedicated to the U.S. federal government. Through much of his career at Jamf, Matt has been responsible for understanding all aspects of security and using that knowledge to enable colleagues and customers. Matt had a previous career at Apple corporate and retail, engineering efforts behind mass deployments of Apple devices. Matt is an avid Atlanta United FC fan who also enjoys running, playing with his boys and watching Netflix.

Marko Jung (DE)
Head of Info. Sec. Operations - University of Oxford

Marko's first computer was a Sun SparcStation. He's been using Unix - the world's greatest text adventure - for the past 20 years and has attained a ninth-degree black belt in Unix ninja skills. Marko believes an operating system is useless without a console and is allergic to colored icons. He studied Computer Science at Saarland University and worked at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science before he joined the University of Oxford.

Nurani Nimpuno (SE)
Outreach and Communications Manager - Netnode

Netnod operates six Internet exchange Points (IXPs) in five locations in Sweden. Netnod is also the operator of one of the 13 logical DNS root name servers in the world, (I-root). At Netnod, Nurani manages all outreach and external relations and communications, as well as all external Internet policy and Internet governance matters. She is deeply involved with Internet policy and Internet governance issues nationally as well as globally, and works on a broader level with Internet operational matters, including Internet exchange points and DNS root servers. Nurani has been active in the Internet community for over a decade, frequently presenting at, and participating in international Internet conferences globally. She is a member of the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) and was selected in 2011 as one of five representatives of the technical and academic communities to the CSTD working group on the improvement of the IGF. Prior to Netnod Nurani held positions at the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region and the RIPE NCC, the RIR for Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East.

Paul Suh (US)
Senior Information Technology Officer

Paul Suh started ps Enable, Inc. in 2006, after working for seven years at Apple Computer as a WebObjects developer, Trainer and Curriculum Developer. He specializes in digital certificates, complex systems integration, and custom development work. Prior to that, he worked as an economist at LECG and at Deloitte & Touche, analyzing markets and businesses.

Robert Gendler (US)
IT Specialist Security - NIST

Bob is an IT Specialist in the Apple world. Jamf guru, wizard of Mac Management, and mastermind of Apple trivia who has worked for an NGO, in the education sector, and now for the United States federal government for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).