In October 6-9 2020 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Online

MacSysAdmin Online

MacSysAdmin Conference is usually held in Göteborg, found on the west coast of Sweden, right at the heart of Scandinavia. The city has plenty to offer – with lots of great shopping, a flourishing restaurant scene and the stunning archipelago just around the corner. Staying over the weekend - or just a bit tired of hanging out with Mac nerds? Check out the city’s great website for lots of fun!


This year’s MacSysAdmin Conference will be conveniently held at a location of your choice.


We recommend that you use your regular living facilities for this year’s event. Here is an option to help you decide...

La Niche à Chien
Modest rooms in a casual property featuring a patio, a shared bowl & complimentary breakfast pellets.


We recommend that you check with you local travel agent to get the most up to date news. The morning commute from BDRM to OFC, via BTH can be susceptible to congestion.