In October 5-8 2021 we proudly present

MacSysAdmin Online

In October 5-8 2021

MacSysAdmin Online

OWC has yet again generously donated all prizes in the MacSysAdmin Raffle. If you bought the MacSysAdmin T-Shirt you are automatically part of the draw. The winners are presented below.


The super-fast, Xtremely rugged portable SSD

Xtreme real-world speeds up to 2847MB/s for modern Thunderbolt and USB4 equipped computers. Dustproof, drop-proof, and waterproof to transfer gigabytes of data in seconds… anywhere.

...and our Lucky Winner is

Butch Barrows, (US)


Simplify your mobile life

With five essential ports, up to 100W pass-through power, and just one cable, you’re ready to display, charge, connect, and import while on the move.

...and our Lucky Winners are

Mike Hendrickson, (US)
Brian McAlister, (US)
Peter Thorn, (DK)
Timo Lemberg, (DE)